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5 Stars

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5 Stars

One of the best doctors I've had the pleasure of seeing. He is thoughtful, caring, intelligent, and really took the time to try and decipher why I haven't been able to breathe properly throughout my whole life. In the end, he discovered the issue then surgically removed the blockage. For the first time ever I've been able to breathe through my nose and it's drastically improved my life. Thank you, Dr. Kangelaris.
5 Stars

Dr. Andrea Yeung changed my daily life and educated me on proper nose care to reduce allergy symptoms.. After one year under her care she performed a procedure to correct my deviated septum and sinuses. I can breathe so much better after my surgery. I highly recommend her services.
5 Stars

I am not one to leave reviews, but I just had one of the most positive experiences I’ve had with a doctor in years with Dr. Kangelaris. He was kind, (appropriately) funny, understanding, and knowledgeable. Unfortunately, I live on the other side of the country and had to see him in an emergency - I wish he could always be my doctor!
5 Stars

I highly recommend Dr. Gerald Kangelaris for his skill and will definitely see him again for ENT problems. He was highly knowledgeable and personable, easy to talk with. He gave helpful information, patiently answered questions and took whatever time was needed. He diagnosed an unusual, very painful throat condition and his treatment worked well. His medical support team (Zach and Navya) were also outstanding. Thank you, Dr. K!

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